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Leading Strategic Change in Healthcare is a Course

Leading Strategic Change in Healthcare

Oct 19 - Oct 22, 2021

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Full course description

Leading change in today’s healthcare system requires solving difficult managerial and strategic problems and navigating a complex and changing policy environment. This program is designed to show participants how to do just that. Its framework will reinforce how providers, payers, pharmaceuticals, private equity and others are part of a broader ecosystem: an interconnected web of public and private stakeholders all operating within layers of government regulation.

Participants will be introduced to several key challenges facing the healthcare-systems sector and will learn a strategic framework to lead and navigate disruption to it. In a simulation created for this unique program, cross-disciplinary teams will develop a value-based payment arrangement that aligns the interests of all stakeholders and is centered on patient care. The program will also offer separate tracks which allow different stakeholders in the ecosystem to learn about sub-sector specific issues.


Learn how healthcare providers develop a strategy that reflects the customer’s perspective and creates a patient-centered experience. This track explores the leadership challenges of managing a large health system in an era of change and disruption. Participants will learn about leading practices in value-based care and new business models necessary to succeed.


Understand new value-based pharmaceutical pricing models based on patient outcomes. Explore the thinking behind digital transformation in life sciences right now to catalyze implementation and drive durable change. Review the regulatory, commercial and scientific factors that enable biopharma to bring a drug successfully to the market.