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Enterprise Leadership Program is a Course

Enterprise Leadership Program

Jul 11 - Jul 30, 2021

$47,350 Enroll

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Who Should Attend

Proven senior business leaders who have been identified as having the potential to move into the C-suite within five years and are considered central to the company’s succession plan.

Participants represent a rich diversity of disciplines, geographies and career experiences. They come from a wide variety of industries, not-for-profit and government. Candidates are chosen not only for their stated learning goals but also for what they can contribute to the cohort of peers in the program.

Key Benefits

The Enterprise Leadership Program is uniquely designed to help high-potential senior executives acquire key leadership essentials:

Adopt a mentality and frame of reference that extends beyond your specific function and puts the interests of the organization first.

Learn how to set strategic direction, vision, plans and initiatives; identify connections, challenges and opportunities for the organization; and think with depth, scope and an enterprise leadership perspective.

Adjust plans, priorities and resources to achieve desired results, and be agile and willing to change course if needed.

Learn how to take calculated risks to position the organization for present and future success; make sound decisions without perfect information; and accurately anticipate customer needs and emerging competitive threats in a turbulent environment.

Manage and disseminate critical information, using organizational narratives and stories to inspire, connect and convey messages.

Learn how to present data driven information in compelling ways; leverage media platforms to communicate organizational messages; and build relationships and influence beyond your own organization.

Create a culture of learning while mentoring and coaching talented individuals to achieve their full potential and organizational goals.

Learn how to provide formal and informal learning opportunities; deliver constructive feedback; enable collaboration across boundaries; and harness the power of organizational talent.

Continuously develop interpersonal skills by understanding how and why you are a leader.

Learn how to practice self-reflection and pursue self-development opportunities; lead with character, by example and with authenticity; build resilience by developing routines to sustain energy, focus and well-being.

Program Framework

This three-week advanced leadership program will enrich you with fresh ideas and empower you to grow into an enterprise level leader.


Week One focuses on you as a leader. Guided by faculty, you will examine and reflect upon what drives you as a leader, where you are strongest and how you can grow to reach desired goals.

What are your standout traits? How strong is your executive judgment? Does your resilience run deep? How much do you excel as a leader, not only in your own right but as a coach for others?

True leaders are reflective, and the first week targets reflection as a critical tool to realize your full leadership capabilities.


Week Two examines you and your leadership in context. No matter how strong your own qualities, your endeavors and the efforts of those you oversee will be limited if you don’t understand your relationship with the structure of your company and those who report to you.

How do your decisions impact your organization? What is the flow from you to your reports, and to those who plan and execute on the ground? How do they affect change at both the local and enterprise levels? Are you communicating clearly through the entire structure, and are you being heard and understood?

You’ll examine and strengthen the ties between you and your enterprise in Week Two.


Week Three connects your work and learning from the previous two weeks, emphasizing effective action.

How do you implement your plans and accomplish your goals at the enterprise level? Are you ready to make the transition from reflection to results?

During Week Three, Enterprise Leadership Program faculty members work with you to prepare for your reentry into your own professional environment, providing you with the resources needed to communicate your newfound knowledge and goals with your management team.


  • Exploration of functional topics in marketing, data analytics, business growth and innovation, artificial intelligence, M&A and strategy execution
  • Engagement with leading practitioners and guest speakers
  • Executive Spotlight sessions offering conversation with current and former CEOs from globally recognized companies


Coaching is an integral component of the Kellogg ELP experience. During the course of your three weeks at Kellogg, you will engage in two types of coaching.

  • Individual Executive Coaching: Four hours of executive coaching, facilitated by a highly experienced, world-class executive coach
  • Peer-to-Peer Coaching: Participants share learning and experience to help support and guide one another during the course of the program and beyond.